Ivan Noel has passed

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write this post that Ivan Noel ended his life on 19 July 2021. Ivan was a multifaceted artist and gave the world many wonderful films as well as the beautiful music that accompanied them. Moreover, he was a compassionate, loving, and good-natured person whose generosity touched the hearts of many people within his Argentinian community and abroad.

I knew Ivan through his original film, Brecha, and have administered his website ever since. I am honoured to have called him “friend”, and I know that many others were fortunate enough to do so as well.

Ivan, you will be missed, but the gifts that you have given the world will remain. I hope that you find the peace you’ve been longing for.


Rejected is available

Ivan’s latest film, Rejected, is now available! For more information about the film, please see its respective film page.