Ivan Noel originally started in the arts by writing and performing his own musical compositions. The transition from music to film came from his love for combining and juxtaposing the two art forms in order to make something greater than the two by themselves.

“I was having a hard time finding the sort of films to put my own music to, so I began shooting small scenes for specific pieces of mine. From small scenes I made short movies, then eventually went on to write and produce feature films. All that just to showcase my music! There must have been a cheaper way, but it was more fun this way.”

–Ivan Noel

Since those first small scenes, he has gone on to release ten feature films, with a eleventh currently in production as a TV series pilot for Netflix. All of the movies, despite their different plots, characters, and other thematic elements, share the commonality of confronting moral issues without yielding to the conventions of political correctness. In that, they showcase the gamut of raw human emotion in a way that never compromises!